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Accomplished Professionalism

Welcome to Paradigm Test Prep and Tutoring! Your tutors, Chris and Amanda, offer a combination of experience, professionalism and expertise in order to provide the highest standard of one-on-one tutoring available in the San Diego tutoring market. Chris and Amanda both come from professional backgrounds as attorneys. After attending top tier law schools, they met while working together at Lewis and Roca, LLP—a large law firm best known for successfully litigating the Miranda case. Upon meeting, they realized that they shared more than a profession; they shared a mutual passion for teaching, which they decided to pursue. Working together, they brought the highest standards of excellence and achievement—the same standards they have continually used in achieving their goals–to their boutique, San Diego test prep and tutoring company.



Earned Expertise

Paradigm Test Prep represents a well-thought out approach to test preparation and tutoring. Chris and Amanda consistently devote aplethora of time and energy in maintaining up-to-date expertise not only in the materials they teach, but also in the
best strategies for test taking. With over 20 years of combined experience in the test preparation and teaching, including work with a few of the largest companies in the industry, Chris and Amanda have taken the time to figure out the best practices, the bestmethods and the best materials available, as well as the most effective means to convey that information to students. We specialize in SAT, ACT, LSAT, GMAT and GRE test preparation as well as math and English tutoring.

The Most Experienced, Capable Tutors

In choosing Paradigm Test Prep, you will receive the best tutors the company has to offer–Chris or Amanda. Paradigm Test Prep is dedicated to delivering the highest standards to students. To ensure the best tutoring experience, the most masterful instruction available and unrivaled professionalism, Chris and Amanda are the only tutors who will provide services to our students. We will not farm out the most important work, the actual teaching, to inexperienced college students or recent graduates with sufficiently high test scores that look good on paper. Instead, you will receive Chris or Amanda as a tutor; both experienced, professional tutors. With most tutoring companies, you will know little if anything about your tutor before beginning to work with them. It often takes at least a few sessions to figure out if your tutor is truly knowledgeable or a good teacher. Worse, you may not discover if your tutor’s methods are effective until your test date comes. At Paradigm Test Prep, we take away the mystery and guarantee that you will have an expert tutor that you are acquainted with before any commitments are made by keeping the options simple—Chris or Amanda.


Proven Results

Our materials, our methods and our tutors have succeeded in helping many students achieve their academic goals. Chris and Amanda have helped students gain admission to universities such as Stanford, Harvard, PTP - Amanda tutoringNYU, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, Georgetown and UCLA to name only a few. By ensuring that our students receive the same high level of tailored instruction by our expert tutors, Paradigm Test Prep ensures the success of our students. Time and experience have proven that our instruction dramatically improves students’ performance. We know that information alone is not enough for most students; otherwise students could forego tutoring and simply find what they need on the internet. The information must be presented in the right way with the effective reinforcement to actually improve a student’s performance. Chris and Amanda have the skills and experience to make that improvement happen. While many other tutoring companies can promise the information needed by their students, they can’t promise a tutor with the appropriate skills to convey and tailor the instruction so that their students acheive real improvement. We can make that promise at Paradigm Test Prep and we see it through.


For more information, please contact us at (858) 263.7736 or info@paradigmtestprep.com.